About Birthing Rites Australia

Our Philosophy

At Birthing Rites Australia we strive to engender a comprehensive, unbiased approach to birthing and parenting with an emphasis on knowing your choices, developing your knowledge, facilitating self-discovery and supporting growth in self-responsibility for all couples embarking on this extraordinary journey. We aim to empower couples in having ‘ownership’ of their pregnancy, birth and parenting experience.

A Comprehensive, Unbiased Approach

Our experience has shown there is no one particular ‘right way’ to birth. Having a child is a journey of self and relationship change discovery.

Every woman experiences birth within her capabilities and therefore no judgment or agenda should be asserted or ‘pushed’ onto the individuals during classes. Some women would suit quieter birthing techniques, some women require a very expressive approach and utilise a combination of approaches, and some women choose intervention. BRA helps you to follow your needs.

Knowing Your Choices

Through holistically developing your knowledge, we strive to enhance your ability to make the best choices for yourself, your partner and your baby – and most importantly, how to communicate these choices.

Developing Your Knowledge

The core focus of Birthing Rites Australia is in exploring the emotional/psychological aspects of birth and parenting, specifically in ‘feeling your feelings’ - richly, deeply and profoundly to achieve personal insights, personal empowerment and healing.

History of Birthing Rites Australia

Marie Burrows established Birthing Rites Australia in July 1987 in Sydney. Over the years we have also come to affectionately refer to Birthing Rites Australia as "BRA".

Marie’s love and passion of the birthing industry began much earlier than 1989 with the birth of her first daughter, Bianca in 1976. Bianca’s birth was featured in an ABC documentary called ‘You’re Only Born Once’.

Marie trained and worked as a trainee therapist under the guidance of renowned psychiatrist, Dr Graham Farrant for several years - who was instrumental in bringing changes into labour wards across Australia and overseas.

From 1989, Marie continued her studies and training in working with people and their personal development journeys, both in and out of the birth and the parenting arena. Marie did this by training as a Hoffman Facilitator, an intense therapy-based program for self-transformation recognised worldwide (Hoffman is run in several countries).

In 1992, Marie travelled to America to train with John Bradshaw's ‘Family of Origin’ Inner-Child therapy in Los Angeles becoming one of his most highly regarded therapists. Marie also attended training at the Ingleside Addiction Hospital.

For twenty years now Birthing Rites Australia has been acknowledged as a leading provider of the highest quality prenatal education and support services. Marie and all her team have worked hard over the years to continue to develop and maintain this standard.

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