Baby Asher has arrived!! Asher was born Thursday week ago - 21st August at 8.30pm. She arrived 2 days early which surprised me as I had no inkling whatsoever that labour was on its way. I have no dramas or negativity to tell - it was all so amazing. I feel so blessed to have had this experience.

I had some little period-type pains on Wednesday night at about 11.00pm - Steve and I were pretty excited so we stayed up until about 2am waiting to see if things would progress. We went to bed and had a great night's sleep. I woke up at 7.30am with some moderate period like pains. We had our doctor's appointment for 9am that day so we took ourselves up to the hospital. I told Prof. Bennett that I was sure labour was on its way. He examined me and said my cervix had softened and that I would probably go into labour the following day.

Home we came - by 10am, I was most definitely in labour. Steve made up 3 bottles of labour aid for me (hehe) and we managed to stay home labouring until 3.30pm that afternoon. I had no concept of time so was really pleased to hear that quite a bit of it had gone by the time we reached the hospital. Nothing was as I had planned at home! I didn't feel like a bath, couldn't drink the gallons of labour aid we had, pretty much had to get down on my hands and knees for every contraction that came along. My contractions were 5 minutes apart from the beginning and increased in intensity as the day went on.

The trip from home to the hospital was interesting! I was having quite intense contractions by the time we left home. I had one on my hands and knees in the car park, another in the lift (there was a pregnant girl on her way to have a tour of the labour ward when I was on all fours contracting in the lift! Poor girl!), and another at the reception area of the labour ward. Very funny in hindsight!

I was 5cm dilated when the midwives examined me so I was very pleased to hear that we didn't have to go home! The doctor broke my waters and there was meconium in the liquid. Little Asher had to be monitored for a while - she was doing fine. Stevie and I laboured on for the next couple of hours. I was in the zone, Steve was an amazing support, we were doing well. My labour was progressing quite quickly and transition started at about 7cm I think. At 8cm I asked for an epidural. The doctor told me I had an anterior lip (my cervix had not retracted enough and was caught between the baby and my pelvis) which meant I would not be able to push until the swelling had gone down. I am so happy for the epidural in hind sight. It was not in my birth plan at all however I was not able to cope with dilating another 2cm then waiting for the swelling to go down before I could push. No one offered me drugs before this - the midwives were truly, truly wonderful! So I had the epidural at 6.30pm, dilated the last 2cm in half an hour, waited for an hour or so for my anterior lip to disappear and was told at 8pm to start pushing. My epidural was weak so I could still feel my pushing urge. 3 contractions and 3 pushes on, little Asher Winter Jane Fitzmaurice was born into the world - 8.30pm!

Asher had to be suctioned too as she was a little distressed. I also had a level 1 internal tear so had to have a few stitches. Asher went straight on to my breast and Steve cut the umbilical cord - it really was amazing. She is just the most special little thing. Asher means happy in Hebrew and hope in Hindu - very fitting for this little wonder.

I love being a Mum so much and Steve is so excited to be a Dad. The world looks so different to us now. We have had our first outing in the sling and will brave the pram this week. I have found mothering to come naturally - the labour and being a Mum is very instinctual. I love it!