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Marie Burrows

Founding Principal and creator of Birthing Rites Australia
Childbirth Educator and Mother of two

The breadth and depth of Marie Burrow's experience and dedication to this work spans 40 years. Marie has an extraordinary amount of ‘hands on’ experience working with people across all walks of life in all kinds of life challenging situations.

Marie has devoted her lifetime teaching pre/post-natal classes, supporting mothers in labour (also adding valuable insight to the partner in their role in birthing). She has conducted thousands of therapy sessions for individuals, partners and families. In addition she has been a senior facilitator for the Hoffman Process since 1990.

Marie utilises a vast array of training and experience in psychotherapy, deep feeling therapy and other personal growth techniques to conduct BRA services. All these techniques and experience focus on feeling our feelings expressively so we understand how our bodies carry shame and pain and how we can ultimately heal and create more love and happiness in our lives.

Marie continues to work tirelessly in empowering people on their journey in dealing with past/present pain, shame, birthing experiences and parenting. She works very long hours including weekends for these causes. Her work and generosity has included pro-bono and discounted fees.

All of us at BRA and all those associated are grateful for Marie's dedication and the heart felt, genuine, loving approach she brings to all her work.

Pete Gailey

Childbirth Educator and Father of three
Secondary School Art Teacher, Photographer and Artist

Pete Gailey joined Birthing Rites Australia 20 years ago after the birth of his son Felix. Being present at the birth of each of his children was a very powerful and transforming experience for him. Those experiences left him wanted to learn more about the birth process and in particular how men are useful and pro-active participant in what was for many years a woman’s only space.

Pete trained under Marie Burrows as a prenatal educator and has delivered childbirth education with BRA for over two decades. He also works with the Prenatal Educators at Royal North Shore Hospital in presenting sessions on support during labour and birth.

Everything Pete teaches, he has learned from the women - the midwives, the educators and the women who bring their beautiful children into this world. He says, "I believe that birth is a powerful initiation into becoming a mother or a father and although it is intense birth should be honoured as one of the great human achievements."

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Becky Whitcombe

Postnatal Consultant and Mother of three

Becky Whitcombe has been associated with BRA for almost 8 years. She did her prenatal course at BRA in 2004 for her first child. She had her third child in December 2010. Becky attended BRA's Mothers Group with each of her three children and found the Groups an excellent therapy and support to her. With her continued association with BRA with the prenatal course and subsequent attendance at Mothers Group, Becky soon became a passionate advocate for birthing and she now facilitates BRA's Mothers Groups.

For the last three and a half years, Becky has been our Pre and Postnatal support person. She forms a connection with Mums- and Dads-to-be after they finish their prenatal course and continues these relationships after the birth. Becky says, "I believe birth is an initiation of parenthood and to start with a positive birth experience is an incredible gift to the whole new family."

Becky also currently runs the Rainbow Baby Group, a Rudolf Steiner philosophy-based baby group at BRA.

Lillian Rytt

Advanced Consultant

Lilian has extensive experience in working in women's health. She is a qualified shiatsu and bowen practicioner, with over 21 years of experience.

She is also a practicing Chilbirth Educator who has assisted in many births as a Birthing Assistant (Doula) and a pre and post yoga teacher. Read more...

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Leila Chirgwin

Lactation Consultant

Leila is able to help mothers to establish breastfeeding and to manage and overcome breastfeeding difficulties.

Leila is a qualified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and holds a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, BA(Hons)/ Dip Ed, MA, Clinical Member of the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association (CAPA). Read more...

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