Internships at Birthing Rites Australia

Birth is such a pivotal transformational time in people's lives and Birthing Rites Australia gives students the opportunity to witness this and understand the changes families go through.

What will I be doing as a BRA Intern?

Interns will learn what it is like to run a business where the strong need is to have empathy and very high listening skills with people. As an intern with Birthing Rites Australia you will be expected to:

What skills do you look for in interns?

Why should I intern at Birthing Rites Australia?

Experience can be the determining factor in gaining a competitive edge in today's workplace. It is no longer enough to have a degree; you also need relevant work experience before you graduate.

The advantages of completing an internship in Birthing Rites Australia include:

How do I apply?

Send us your resume via email at Include a cover letter describing why you're interested in working for Birthing Rites Australia.

Please indicate your preferred start and end dates as well as the days you are available to work during the week.

After reviewing your application we will contact you to schedule an interview.

Meet our interns

Megan Pike Intern

Megan Pike
Age: 21
Hometown: Tupelo, Mississippi, USA
College: University of Alabama
Major: Biology, Human Development & Family Studies
Internship Duration: 3 months

"Working at Birthing Rites Australia for these past three months has definitely been an enjoyable, interesting, educational and eye-opening experience. Getting to attend the evening prenatal classes has not only taught me a lot about pregnancy, labour and birth, but also about the concerns and needs of new parents during this time. As a pre-medicine major, learning about the physical aspects of birth is not only beneficial, but also learning to relate and intereact with clients and patients has been equally important to me. Marie has also been great to provide me with opportunities to tour local healthcare facilities so that I can learn about the Australian private and public medical systems. I've also had the opportunity to attend prenatal checkups with some of the mothers so that I could meet and learn from midwives and obstetricians."

"Birthing Rites has definitely been a highlight of my preparation for medical school."

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Kristy Goodman Intern

Kristy Goodman
Age: 21
Hometown: Buffalo, New York, USA
College: University at Buffalo
Major: Exercise Science, BS
Minor: Health and Wellness
Internship Duration: 3 months

"During my internship semester I had hoped to develop an understanding of practices in pregnancy and birth in Australia versus those in the United States as well as to develop a greater understanding of complimentary and alternative practices of medicine. Birthing Rites Australia allowed me to do just that. Not only does Birthing Rites Australia recognize the importance of educating and supporting couples during their pregnancy, but it also recognizes the importance of providing a center where couples can find several services all-in-one, providing me with a glimpse into a holistic approach to health.

"Having a unique insight into healthcare in Australia is an aspect of my internship that I most appreciate as a student now studying medicine in the U.S. Marie made every attempt to network me with other health professionals in Australia and through Birthing Rites Australia I was able to enter the Australian healthcare system. In addition, I was able to network with several professionals in Australia, including fitness specialists and midwives and doctors in several of Sydney's neighboring hospitals."

Kristy at her farewell dinner with Marie Burrows, Principal of Birthing Rites

"The Birthing Rites Australia family was just that, an extended family during my time in Australia. The staff was extremely welcoming and very willing to help make the most out of time as an intern and as a student abroad. Completing an internship abroad was an incredible experience. Not only did I have an excellent educational experience while interning, I also had an amazing experience traveling in Australia. My internship at Birthing Rites Australia was one that I continue to bring with me in all of my patient encounters today."

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Heidi Bruflat Intern

Heidi Bruflat
Age: 21
Hometown: Clarkfield, Minnesota, USA
College: University of Minnesota
Major: Child Psychology
Internship Duration: 6 weeks

"I loved my experience at Birthing Rites Australia. In an email I received from Marie, she talked about the work of Doulas and after googling "Doula" I imagined I was going to be a mid-wife and be delivering babies! After my first day at BRA, I learnt what I was going to be doing during my internship and was really excited about the upcoming 7 weeks. Attending the Doula training courses, Prenatal classes, and Mothers and Fathers groups were a real eye opener - they were all so interesting and I really was open to what I wanted to learn while being there. Marie really let me do that, letting me be part of the classes and training, it really made me enjoy my experience there."

Heidi during her internship at Birthing Rites Australia

"Wish I could have spent more time at BRA and learn so much more. Since I left in 2007, I have been back to Australia two more times and made sure to always go and visit Marie!"

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