Advertise with Birthing Rites Australia

Text Advertising

You can advertise your website by displaying your link along with a short description of your business. The link and text description will display on the Library page of our site. This is the most affordable advertising option we offer at $10/month.

Banner Advertising

You can advertise your business more prominently on our site by displaying a banner that sends visitors to your website when they click on it. We allow your banner to display either on the Library page of our site or under the Services section provided that it is relevant to the content displayed on that page.

We accept image files in .gif and .jpg formats. The size of the banner can be no larger than 120 pixels in width and 120 pixels in height. Banner advertising is offered at $15/month.

Sign Up and Payment Options

We accept Credit card (VISA/Mastercard) and PayPal payments. Payment is processed via PayPal's secure website. We offer a 17% and 20% discount if you pay upfront for a one-year subscription.

Text Advertising Monthly Plan $10/month
Text Advertising Yearly Subscription
Save 17%
Banner Avertising Monthly Plan $15/month
Banner Advertising Yearly Subscription
Save 20%

If you have problems making payments, please email us at or phone us at 02 9387 3615