Becoming a Dad is a journey into the unknown, and for many men it can be quite overwhelming and stressful at times. Rather than choosing to ‘go it alone’, imagine if you could meet with other Dad’s in a relaxed and non-threatening environment with others who are experiencing a similar situation to you. Dads have an important role to play in the development of their children.

When is the Group?

Meeting for two hours fortnightly in the evening, men come together to share their new experience of fatherhood and parenting over a cuppa, and explore some of the challenges and gifts that come with the territory. Each fortnight there will be a focus topic i.e. work/life balance, with the chance to pick up some positive practical tools to take back into your daily life as a Dad.

How will I benefit from the Group?

The group is also great way to meet other dads socially, while at the same time doing a bit of self-maintenance which positively flows back into your family and community. If you’re a bit nervous about fronting up for the first time, bring a mate! You’ll be surprised how much common ground you share with other dads once the ball gets rolling.

Although specifically aimed at men who have recently become fathers for the first time, all men are welcome (including grandfathers). So if you have dependent children of any age in your care, (full-time or shared), or have no children of your own, please give us a call to have a chat about coming along. The experience of fatherhood affects all men regardless of whether we become fathers ourselves.

We understand that it may not be possible to make it every fortnight, however some level of commitment is expected to get the most out of the experience (otherwise we get stuck introducing ourselves to each other each week!).

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