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The Siblings workshop is a unique class offered by Birthing Rites Australia and is for families who have subsequent babies and are interested in helping preparing their older children and the extended family for the reality of subsequent babies.

The Siblings workshop will give you and your family the time to be together without distraction to connect with the new unborn baby.

Grandparents can also be involved as they often play a more signifiant role as caregivers when the second grandchild is born. The Siblings workshop helps the child prepare and flow through the transition of becoming the older sibling.

We invite mothers and their babies to attend the class and talk about what it's like to have two, three or four children. We discuss ideas on how to integrate the older child and keep that child's feeling of worth still high as they don't want to be displaced in the family by the arrival of another child.

Some of the activities that we do together with the older child include drawing, painting and creating cards for the new baby brothers/sisters. Since there is a live baby in the class, the children also get to talk to and handle the new baby and prepare emotioanally for the arrival of their new baby brother/sister.

The class takes place on a Saturday and costs $90 per class if you decide to attend independent of the Refresher course. The dates are set depending on the level of interest. If you have already enrolled in our Refresher course, then the class is free to attend.

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