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Our Philosophy on Prenatal Classes During Pregnancy

At BRA we value empowering mothers and their partners with an understanding of not just what you need to know to be well informed with practical information on labour, birth and early parenting but just as importantly, what you and your partner need to know about the emotional journey as well. Both these areas are great strengths of BRA.

Primarily it is BRA’s belief based on thousands of clients, classes and births plus the training of Educators and Doulas that pregnancy and birth is a very special unique journey to the mother and her partner. There is no one way to do it and no single agenda is pushed or advocated at BRA.

No first time expectant woman knows how she will need to labour and birth until she is in the experience – at BRA we aim to provide you with the best preparation for whatever your journey will bring. We do this by helping embrace a holistic understanding of yourself and helping those supporting you to understand what to expect and how to effectively support the mother throughout the pregnancy and birth experience.

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Subjects Covered in the Classes

The classes have been designed, redesigned and constantly developed over the past 30 years by BRA Principal, Marie Burrows, her Educators and external colleagues. They cover many important topics including:

Classes are presented through a combination of open discussions, video and audio presentations, role-plays and powerful visualisations. Light food and refreshments are also provided during classes.

Advantages and Benefits of BRA Classes

Please Note: BRA's prenatal courses can be claimed on some private health funds.

Sarah Buck Memorial Scholarship Fund

In memory of Sarah Buck, a childbirth educator, Doula, mother of 3 young children, who passed away from cancer in 2007 at the age of 34, we have established a scholarship fund to assist couples experiencing financial hardship, single parents or young parents, who wish to do high quality prenatal education but are unable to afford it.

Birthing Rites Australia totally supports eligible recipents across the board by covering all expenses of attending prenatal classes and receiving counselling and any other support you may need.

Since its inception in 2007, the Sarah Buck Memorial Scholarship Fund has supported a total of 20 women who were interested in receiving a high quality prenatal education but could not afford it.

If you are interested in applying for the scholarship fund, please contact us via email at or over the phone at 02 9387 3615 outlining your situation and interest in doing our classes.

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