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The refresher course is for would-be parents of subsequent babies. If you are interested in refreshing your knowledge and extend the learning you received from prenatal classes during the first child's pregnancy, then this is the right course for you.

The refresher course is made out of 3 sessions, where the parents choose 3 weeks of the 5 week prenatal program, choosing topics that they'd like to go over such as breathing, birth plans or 2nd stage (labour).

The 4th session is the "kids class" - a sibling preparation workshop which is unique in the market and helps prepare older children and the extended family for the reality of susbequent babies. The sibling preparation workshop takes place on Saturday.

For more information on what is covered at the Sibling workshop, visit our Siblings page by clicking on the link above.

The Refresher course at Birthing Rites Australia is unique in the market as it not only refreshes knowledge taught during the prenatal period but also prepares the extended family and older children for the reality of subsequent babies.

The total cost for the Refresher course is $484 including GST.

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