This is what our clients have to say about Birthing Rites Australia. We welcome your feedback and comments on how we can improve our services to you. If you wish to learn more about Birthing Rites Australia from people who have tried our classes, we highly recommend that you can contact them directly via email.

Catherine Bailey, single mother

It's been a year since my baby was born and I was laying in bed this morning thinking of things I am grateful for about the birth. I went into the birthing room confident and aware of my choices largely because of attending Marie's classes at Birthing Rites. I had no idea how lucky I was when my midwife hooked me up with Birthing Rites on a scholarship. The classes, which were packed with incredible information, were conducted with humour, warmth and compassion. My classmates were ernest and as the classes continued we became more relaxed about our prospective births because of the quality of information provided.

My support person, a mother of two, said that if she had been to the classes before her last birth she and her partner would never have opted for a C-section. Birthing Rites gave me a Doula as part of the scholarship and I remember thinking at the time what kind of help I would need from her. But when my support person failed to show (she's a deep sleeper), my Doula came to the fore. I'm a fairly friendly person most of the time without pain - in the birthing room I was a screaming banshie and my Doula, Nicki, gave the most amazing support anyone could offer. I was saved from a hospital induction by selecting one of the shiatsu masseuses supplied by Birthing Rites. Within an hour of the massage I was having contractions.

I live in the country now and birthing education and midwifery are in short supply. One local obstetrician has a caesarean rate of 80%. I have heard some pretty awful stories. Birthing Rites gives an amazing pre birth education.

I feel its up to us to start being responsible and proactive for our babies before they are born.

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Rachel and Kel

I can't begin to thank you Marie and all your wonderful BRA girls (and Pete) for the positive and encouraging experiences that we had in your classes. From the first phone call that I made to ask about classes, I knew that I had found the right place for us.

Watching Kel grow in his confidence and knowledge each week, along with myself, far exceeded all my expectations of what we could expect from any antenatal classes.

I quickly was able to appreciate that Birthing Rites did not simply offer antenatal classes, but embraced us all as a family sharing with us life changing experiences, while providing an in-depth understanding and holistic view of birth. I was able to go into labour confident about what I was doing and what I could expect and able to trust that my birth team were able to support me fully.

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Mel and Zan

Just wanting to thank you for the excellent treatment and advice I received from you all during my pregnancy. It helped me deliver a healthy little boy, totally natural, without any drugs in about 9 hours.

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Amelia and Justin

Just wanted to say an enormous thank you for your wonderful classes! All the information you gave helped me deliver him perfectly, well almost, he almost came out in the car on the way there!

I managed to breathe and groan through each contraction and rest between them. Justin got the giggles at one point because I sounded exactly like you in your class demonstration! Anyway, the baby arrived 9 mins after we arrived at the birthing centre! He is beautiful and I can't thank you enough for your part in this experience. Having Lilian (BRA Doula) there was the best decision ever!

Dominique and Scotty

I am so happy that I discovered Birthing Rites classes and so is my partner Scotty. The classes made us not fear the labour, instead we were left positive about what we learnt to take and use when the big day came.

Marie Burrows is fantastic and is such a beautiful woman who really took the medical approach to labour away and replaced it with a focus on the woman, her partner and ther baby. I loved her real and relaxed manner, her knowledge and sense of humor. I reccommend this class to mums to be and their partners.

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Sally and James

Marie Burrows and BRA are truly unique. There would be few people out there who can match the dedication, love and wisdom regarding birthing and parenting that Marie brings to those fortunate enough to come into her orbit.

As individuals and now as a family, James and I have been blessed to share in her incredible insights and support structure surrounding birth and the tremendous changes it makes to one’s life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful space you create at BRA for expectant parents, for providing the very best in doula support and for the all important post-natal support.

My mantra during the height of labour was - breathe, movement and sound. I would not have survived the intensity of my homebirth labour without tuning into those three tools you really prepared us in and the necessity to ‘get out of your head’ and ‘into your body’. For me, the intensity and experience of labour was exactly how you described it.

Emma Kate Wallace

Marie, I am feeling very thankful for our classes; they definitely swung the balance in favour of a fabulous birthing experience. During the labour I visualised hearing your voice - the deep moaning and seeing you bent over and rotating your hips as you did in class... exactly the position that worked for me!!! My body knew what to do and of course remembered what it needed to do - THANK YOU!

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