Gregory Charles, The Australian Relationship Guru, gives an informal talk to a group of new mums at Birthing Rites. He talks about kids and parenting with usual humor and insight.

Gregory has delivered seminars and lectures to tens of thousands of people in Australia, New Zealand, America, England, Ireland and Israel. He has consulted to major corporations and spoken to millions of people through media appearances including BBC, Good Morning America and MTV. He is a Guest Lecturer at UC Boulder. He is currently based in Southern California.

Pete Gailey, Australia's most experienced male educator, facilitates a Dads-only prenatal class at Birthing Rites Australia. Expectant dads talk about their fears and anxieties and what's expected of them during their partners' labours.

Expectant couples in a pre-natal class at Birthing Rites Australia discuss their thoughts and challenges as they approach the labour and birth experience and how BRA classes have helped with these. The interviews were conducted by Marie Burrows, founder and principal of Birthing Rites.

New parents, Craig and Andrea, discuss what they learned about themselves through the labour and birth of their child. They also talk about the emotions and worries they experienced during their first few weeks as parents.

New parents, Bianca and Sam, talk about how the recent birth of their child has greatly changed their lives and even had an impact on their relationship.